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Contrinex Schweiz AG in Corminboeuf ✓ active ✓ Founded ✓ Management: Annette Christine Heimlicher ✓ Last change: Annette Heimlicher, CEO Contrinex AG. «Growth and success in international markets are key to successful Swiss entrepreneurship». Registration Address: Route du Pâqui 5 Board A. Liggenstorfer Board Annette Heimlicher Director Klaus.

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Contrinex is a manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors. Read more. Annette Heimlicher's photo - CEO of Contrinex. CEO. Annette Heimlicher. Annette Heimlicher, CEO Contrinex AG. «Wachstum und Erfolg in internationalen Märkten sind zentral für erfolgreiches Schweizer Unternehmertum». INTERVIEW WITH THE CEO, ANNETTE HEIMLICHER On 1st September Peter Heimlicher, founder and President of the Contrinex Group, handed over management of.

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Andrew Whitlow with vice presi title. He was active agent in year Annette Heimlicher with president title. He was active agent in year Officer, Role, Date Appointed. ANDREW WHITLOW. Vice President. ANNETTE HEIMLICHER. President. More director information. Corporation Filing History. The GSEM graduation ceremony was held on Thursday 10 December online. Guest of honor: Annette Heimlicher, CEO of Contrinex. The video of the ceremony is.