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The meaning of L'Air Du Temps is the mood of the times which is evident in this scent, reflecting spring in bloom, blossoming flowers and frolicking lambs. dans l'air du temps. English. dans l'air du temps. Last Update: L'air du temps is a French expression that roughly translates to "the current trend" or "fashionable at the moment". L'Air du Temps may refer to.

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L'air du Temps is a French phrase with a second meaning which is difficult to translate, but means something like what is currently being talked about. There also is a large swimming pool en plain air. Please believe me when I say the owners know the meaning of the word “hospitality”: you would not find such a. Many translation examples sorted by field of work of “laboratoire du temps” – French-English dictionary and smart translation assistant.

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Created in , L'Air du Temps is an ode to peace, love and freedom. This essence of absolute femininity celebrates eternal youth. L'Air du Temps is also. Their answer was to come in the form of precious perfume. L'Air du Temps, literally means "The Air of the Times" in French. Top notes are carnation, peach. The expression "dans l'air du temps" means "d'actualité", "récent". Example: "Ce smartphone dans l'air du temps". Example: "Ce smartphone.