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Each party keeps a copy of signed checklist. Tenant(s) and landlord or manager uses the move-in checklist during the pre-move out inspection and again when. A Property Condition Report is generated discussing each building system and its condition. The most important output of the Property Condition Assessment is. See following page for detailed checklist. ☐. 7. Site Condition Assessment. ☐. Building Information Entries in ICOS. For.

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Initial Survey: A site survey showing all existing conditions prepared by a NYS licensed Land Surveyor. Boring or Test Pit, and Soil Percolation Test: If. ARE ALL ROOF DRAINS FREE FROM OBSTRUCTIONS? · ARE ALL GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS FREE FROM CLOGS AND IN GOOD CONDITION? · ARE THERE ANY VISIBLE SIGNS OF ROOM DAMAGE? Use this page to sketch the building & call out dimensions.

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A facility condition assessment (fca) template is used to evaluate the condition of a building, its assets and its systems needed to perform its intended. Use this condition survey tool to identify any existing areas of concern as part of a thorough standard evaluation of building condition. Provide information on. Commercial Property Building. Inspection Checklist. Inspector(s). Date: Location. YES NO N/A. COMMENTS. Is the property's address clearly visible from the.