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How We're Helping to Save the Jaguar. Conservation Status: IUCN Red List - Near Threatened. Threats to Survival: Habitat loss and fragmentation;. Jaguars are both an apex predator and a keystone species. These are two EXTREMELY important aspects of any ecosystem. I'll elaborate on these two in case. This means you can enter the competition knowing your whole entry fee will protect jaguars, the rainforests, and local communities in Costa Rica. Namá.

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SAVING THE JAGUAR. Once revered as deities in Mayan and Aztec culture, jaguars possess immense grace and power. These agile hunters once lived throughout. Standing on a peak in Tucson, Arizona, looking over the Jaguars' northernmost reaches, your view of what is needed for Jaguar conservation is very different. jaguar landscapes by , stimulating sustainable development, reducing jaguar-human REGIONAL PLAN TO SAVE AMERICA'S LARGEST CAT AND ITS ECOSYSTEMS.

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THE JAGUAR PROJECT is using long term conservation measures to protect and preserve the habitat of the jaguar and the five other felid species that are. jaguars in the Amazon rainforest. As the destruction of the Amazon continues, animals like the Jaguar are. One Hemp T-Shirt TO PROTECT THE JAGUAR. © Panthera. In an unprecedented global commitment to save the jaguar, international conservation organizations (WCS, Panthera, WWF and UNDP) and 14 jaguar range.