If you're under 14, your parent/legal guardian can check out our Kids page for more details. More about Everyday Account Smart Access. Savings accounts. Savings. You need to submit the child's birth certificate as age proof. The child must be below 18 years of age. As well as age proof, this is also required to establish. Minors aged 14 and under will require a parent or guardian to be present in order to open an account in a branch. Minors aged can open an account on their.

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And, if you get your child a TD Access Card with Visa Debit, they can shop online or make in-app purchases under your watchful eye. Best of all, these accounts. To open a savings account for a child, the child must be under the age of 16, and a maximum of two adult trustees who are residents in the UK must be named on. If you're under 18, our Teen MyCash Current Account is a great place for your pocket money. You can put your favorite selfie on a personalized bank card!

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Gift deposit for anyone below 21 years old. · Waiver is limited to first pieces calendar month at the coin deposit machine until the child turns 16 years. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to open an account. · Children aged + may open a an account on their own, if they are. You'll need to make an appointment at your local branch to open an Under 19s Account. · To open an Under 19s Account, you must be aged between 11 and 18 · If you.