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4 PG: 4 Technical Diagnostic Quick Reference Index Continued Wall Oven & Range Distinctive - Fault Codes Page: 17 Wall Oven Models: DO, DO, DTO Dacor Classic Wall Oven and Range Fault Codes. Wall Oven Models: ECS/ECD, PCS/PCD, MCS/MCD SINGLE AND DOUBLE OVENS, 27” AND 30”. Range Models: PGR, RSE. You will cook your recipes to perfection with the Dacor wall ovens. Our experienced technicians at Appliance Wizards can install a Dacor wall oven without a.

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The control panel showed ******* digital nonsense followed by an error code. At this point the oven, the built in clock and timers did not work; no bake. Dacor Fault Codes ; F0, Function key stuck, Replace touch pad or if touch pad is part of the clock, replace the clock (ERC). ; F1, System Watchdog Circuit, Press. Range & Wall Oven - Oven Error, Fault or Function Codes ; F96, This code usually means that an internal component needs to be replaced. ; F97, This code usually.

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And, of course the lock motor itself, which is energized by a relay on the control board. This error code means that the limit switches did not register the. Care and cleaning of the oven. Removing the oven doors. Reinstalling the oven doors. Changing the oven light. Troubleshooting. Information codes. Display is dim or dead · Door lock problems · E6 Error Code · F1 Error Code · F2 Error Code · F3 Error Code · F4 Error Code · Failed after power outage.