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SKI SEASON INSURANCE · Cover Seasonaires in Europe and Worldwide up to 12 months. · No restriction to time spent in any one place, you can visit as many countries. Many plans only support coverage in policyholders' home countries, so a trip to an international ski resort could mean that you're left without coverage. When travelling abroad for a ski season, insurance is of critical importance. The company have separate rates for different parts of Europe.

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And that's not all. Winter Sports gives cover for a range of common and less-common snowbound activities including off-piste (within resort boundaries and in. Protect Yourself with Specialist Insurance for Ski Holidays & other Winter Sport Activities. This Single Trip Travel Insurance Covers Piste Closure. Voyager Plus Travel Insurance with Winter Sports Cover. Covering Emergency Medical for Winter Sports as well as Ski Equipment, Piste Closure and more.

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If you're looking for travel insurance for skiing in Europe, select the if you don't have winter sports cover and you have an accident in a ski resort. Reimbursement of costs of transportation to another site due to lack of snow or natural disaster such as avalanche which closes your resort. GIVING YOU EXTRA! Ski holiday insurance will cover your own injuries as well as others you may harm on the piste. You'll also be covered for skiing expenses if an injury.