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A rotameter is a form of variable area flow meter which has a simplistic operation whereby a liquid or gas passes through a tapered tube. Rotameters are also known as variable area flow meters. Variable area flow meters work by measuring the flow rate as the fluid travels through a tapered. Rotameter Selection Video · Rotameter GuideFM Reference Charts. FM Series High Accuracy Flowmeter ( mm), Brass.

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Rotameter (flow meter) · Different meters are required for different gases as flow rates depend on gas properties such as viscosity and density · Different flow. Rotameters and flow meters both monitor fluids. Flow meter benefits often include readability, mounting and higher pressures compared to rotameters. Rotameters have advantages over traditional flow meters. They are a simple device that is easy to install and maintain while offering the flexibility of a.

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Rotameters, Variable area flow meters, Purgemeters. Rotameters, also known as variable area flow meters, are ideal for measuring the flow rates of a variety of liquid and gas applications. Looking to buy a variable area flow meter/rotameter? We manufacture and provide exceptional support for one of the broadest lines in the industry.