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China Inspection Service Co., Ltd. (CIS) is founded in Hong Kong providing Factory Audit and Product Inspection services in China for importers around the. China Certification & Inspection Group is an inspection and certification agency. A pre-shipment inspection in China is crucial for any business that import products from Chinese suppliers. This helps to side-step many of the challe.

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honor inspection international protect your business during import products from china, asia, helps sourcing the best factories, control product quality. Third Party Inspection Companies in China | Vendor Inspection Services. Inspection 4 Industry LLC, as one of Third Party Inspection companies in China. Company Verification Reports. Most Chinese suppliers lie. · Supplier Selection Service. Tired of hassles in supplier screening? · Product Inspection Services.

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Product inspection is an essential part of quality control, it is the inspection process carried out on-site to check for the products before shipment and thus. Chine Inspection is a quality control company in China, with offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our core competencies include quality control. +86 (China mainland) + (Hong Kong) We have conducted more than inspections in China, India, South Korea and Thailand over.